My Weight Loss Journey: Week 3

Oh no. I don’t want to be here right now, reporting how I did last week. I’d rather hide under the covers. I’m so embarrassed.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I did horribly. I really did try, which probably helped keep me at “horrible” instead of “giving up now.” But, I really messed up while on vacation.  Lets take a look…


Weight: 169.2 lbs.

Arms: 11.75 inches

Chest: 41 inches

Waist: 34.5 inches

Hips: 43 inches

Thighs: 24 inches

Over the last three weeks I lost a total of 4.6 lbs. And, in just one week I put 2.2 lbs back on. Oh man. Well, I really could have been worse. Trust me. But, that’s nothing to feel proud about. “At least I didn’t gain 10 lbs.”


This is where things went really wrong. We rented a beach house with three other couples who are not dieting. There were literally six types of cookies on the top of the fridge. There must have been ten different types of bread products. We had pasta for dinner three times. We went out for at least one meal every day. We were within walking distance to an ice cream shop which has become an annual tradition at this point. Not to mention the cocktails. Thankfully that’s an area I can honestly say isn’t worth the points for me. But cookies, pasta and ice cream? By the third day of vacation I’d stopped counting my Weight Watchers points. We were there for seven days. Ugh! My only triumph for the week was that I was not overeating, much. I was keeping to mostly modest portions of really bad food. Really gooooood, bad food.


I did fairly well making sure I stayed active last week. I managed to go for a jog one of the days. We had a pool at our vacation rental which I used to do laps two days and leisurely swam the rest of the days. I also went for a few strolls with my son and husband. That was “on purpose” activity. Then there was the lugging all the junk to the beach and back every day, setting it up, chasing my son around, and swimming in the ocean. Not to mention the extraordinary amount of stairs I climbed all week; we had a three story rental with the main floor on top. Lugging my son up and down three flights of stairs many, many times of day had a lot to do with the minimal weight gain, I’m sure. I was averaging 30 flights of stairs every day on my FitBit.

Wrap Up

Rereading last weeks post and how optimistic I was that I might make it through vacation unscathed is laughable. But, I’m not going to judge myself too much. I felt like I did terribly. But, in reality, it could have been a lot worse. I’ve always been a binger but it’s only caused me weight problems after I turned 30. Before that I could eat as much as I wanted. Because I spent the majority of my life overeating with little repercussions, I find it really easy to slip back into that. I’m glad I didn’t do that this past week. I wanted to but I didn’t and for that I am proud. Keep your fingers crossed that this 2.2 lb weight gain is just water weight and it goes the hell away (and takes some extra friends with it) this week. Yeah right.

Am I able to get back into it after vacation? Find out next week. And, if you missed last week, you can find it here:

My Weight Loss Journey: Week 2

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3 thoughts on “My Weight Loss Journey: Week 3

  1. Stephanie Sadler says:

    I had a 0.4 gain last week (Friday) and I was thankful for that. I vowed to get back to it this week. So far so….bad. I’ve fairly well today, but not Saturday, Sunday, or yesterday. Tomorrow is always another day. You’ll get there. Don’t beat yourself up on the gains. You were on vacation, I probably would have done the same thing. You are still down pounds.

    Also, you might be like me. Sometimes when I have a significant gain, the next week I’ll have a significant loss.


    • Sarah says:

      It’s hard not to think of that 2.2 lb gain as an additional week of dieting I have to do now. But that kind of thinking is what gets you into trouble.

      0.4 lbs isn’t bad at all. Are you sure that’s not just muscle gain? And, look on the bright side; if yesterday was Sunday that means that you only did bad 2 days, not 3. haha


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