My Weight Loss Journey: Week 4

After Week 3’s caloriefest, I started out last week determined to get back in the game. After all, I had several new pounds to lose. But, my determination turned out to be half-assed. Motivation wise, I just had a bad week. You know the kind? Where you feel like the road ahead is too long and “Oh look! There’s a couch and Prime Video.” I’m sure my set back during Week 3 has a lot to do with feeling overwhelmed. It just seems like I’m moving so slowly. But, I know this feeling. I know it well. And, I also know that it will pass and I will get back into the rhythm and I will get to my goal weight.

So, how did I do last week? Let’s see.


Weight: 168.2 lbs.

Arms: 11.75 inches

Chest: 41 inches

Waist: 34.5 inches

Hips: 43 inches

Thighs: 24 inches

I lost a whopping 1 pound. Okay, I know I sound jaded. But, like I said, I’m having issues with optimism at the moment. The fact of the matter is that I lost. I didn’t gain. I didn’t go backward. I’m still going forward. Just very very slowly. I’m going to go stand in front of the mirror now and force myself to repeat, “I am making progress. I am going to reach my goal. I will stop watching Bones on Prime Video.”


I actually did well on my diet last week. I used every last available Weight Watchers point. But, I didn’t go over. I ate well almost all week. Well enough, that my husband and I could go out to eat at a little Italian restaurant for our anniversary. The same place where we had our first date. We’ve only been a few other times and my husband gets the lobster ravioli which is to die for. I say I’m going to get it but I end up getting something else, which is always really good as well but, not as good as the ravioli. I promised myself I wouldn’t look at the menu this time (I cheated and looked) and I saved all my weekly points for those ravioli. They were worth every point and some. I’m glad I was able to splurge on them while still staying within my points range. Staying in range is the only reason I lost a pound last week.


Nothing to see here folks. I didn’t do a single workout last week. It was hot. I didn’t feel good. I didn’t clean the house, mostly because I had cleaned it before we left. I didn’t cook. I didn’t do crap. And, I was exhausted from vacation (I know, but my vacation consisted of a 10 hour drive to NC, chasing my son around a 3 story house and the beach, then another 10 hour drive back to PA). I needed a vacation to recover from vacation. So I took one by being as lazy as I could with a 1 year old, husband and job. That meant no working out.

Wrap Up

Wow, I really hope I can find my motivation again. I have no idea where I left it. Probably somewhere in NC. If that’s the case I’ll have to wait for someone to mail it back to me because I’m not making that drive again until next year.

Seriously though, I’m taking steps to ensure I regain some motivation. I’m looking into changing up my go to foods and workouts so I stay interested. That’s a sure fire way to remotivate myself because I need it.

If you missed last week, you can find it here. See you next week!

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