My Weight Loss Journey: Week 5

After two really bad weeks I can finally show my face here without shame. I am back on track and making some progress. Mostly because this was an uneventful week for me which I am so grateful for. No gatherings, events, special occasions or anything else. I love those kinds of weeks. I wish they weren’t so elusive. Wait…I’m getting off track. This isn’t about how I am really a hermit in disguise. This is about last week and how I did. Well, how did I do?


Weight: 167.6 lbs.

Arms: 11.75 inches

Chest: 41 inches

Waist: 34 inches

Hips: 42.5 inches

Thighs: 24 inches

Last post I was complaining about how I only lost a pound. This week I lost less than a pound but I still feel accomplished. My motivation isn’t bothered by the lack of weight loss in the slightest. It’s amazing the difference in moral whether you stay on track or not. And the fact that my inches are getting a little smaller is a big motivator too. I lost a little in my arms, waist, and hips. That’s awesome!


At the beginning of the week I did really well. By Friday I still had the majority of my Flex Points available. By last night every single one of them were gone. And, I’m fine with that. I started this journey out hoping to leave them alone. But after 5 weeks now I realize that it’s probably not going to happen. I love food. And that won’t change. But, I do think it’s in my best interest to keep trying to leave them alone. I’m afraid if I adjust my goals that I’ll end up going over. Because, again, I love food.  The only thing I regret was what I wasted them on. I used a whopping 12 points on a huge bowl of sugary cereal I ate as a snack. It was soooo not worth it. I could have found something so much better to spend those points on instead. But, I was hungry, lazy and we were out of all the good stuff. Oh well. Can’t take it back now. But, next time if I waste 12 points it’ll be on ice cream.


I managed to work out three days last week. Two good workouts and one wimpy. On Wednesday and Friday I did 20 minutes of HIIT and I was really sweating. I didn’t push myself as hard as I should have. But, I still got a good workout. And on Sunday I managed a 7 minute arms workout with a few extra minutes of abs thrown in. Both are workouts I am super familiar with and I used light weights for the arms. So, in short, I was being super lazy yesterday. But, again, I’m not that upset.

Wrap Up

Last week was definitely better than the week before. And the week before was better than the week before that. So, I think I an finally over my vacation slump. I just wish it didn’t take me two weeks to get there. But, that’s dieting and that’s life. I’ve always been a “lose 10, gain 5 back” kinda girl. So, diet ups and downs are nothing I’m not used to. I’m just glad to be back up finally. Fingers crossed for this week!

Check out last week here, if you missed it.

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