What My Typical Day On Weight Watchers Looks Like

I love to eat. It’s one of my favorite things on earth.

One could say it’s the reason for my existence. One could also say that of water and air. But, those aren’t as delicious as food.

Prior to 30, I could eat two double double’s and a thing of fries and still rock a bikini with just a tiny hint of self doubt. Post 30? My metabolism went into cardiac arrest and died. I’m still in mourning.

So, due to the fact that I will live the rest of my life on a diet, I am currently following the Weight Watchers plan. I don’t go to meetings and I never have. I strictly follow the plan online. I have tried other diets and have had short term success with them (Atkins, 17-Day Diet, juice cleanses, some weird 3 day thing where you eat a pound of broccoli and 2 saltine crackers, etc.). And, I may mix those plans in with Weight Watchers for an added boost. Those diets are fantastic (not the saltine one) if I have 5-10 stubborn pounds to lose. But, they aren’t sustainable, for me, in the long run. Weight Watchers is more about adopting a realistic lifestyle change rather than diet. So it’s been my go to for years now. I have yet to find it’s equal.

On the plan, I get 23 points per day, plus an additional 35 Flex Points for the week. When I mention it, I’m often asked what I get to eat each day. So, for anyone who is curious, here is what my day looks like while on the Weight Watchers Plan.


Plain 0% Greek Yogurt with Blueberry Compote – 1 WW point 


I cup 0% Yogurt (0 points), 1/4 cup Blueberries (0 points), 1 tsp Maple Syrup (1 point)

Don’t let me fool you. I don’t cook nothing. Not at 7 a.m. and not with only 6 hours of sleep. No, this is me tossing a handful of blueberries in a bowl, throwing them in the microwave, pressing whatever number my finger lands on first, forgetting to check them while I scramble to feed a starving child and realizing that I virtually decimated them. What the hell? Add a tsp of maple syrup and call it compote. This is what I call a Kitchen Counter Meal. While at the kitchen counter, take a bite of yogurt, cut apple for the baby, bite of yogurt, fill sippy cup, etc.


Garden Salad with 1/2 Baked Chicken Breast – 3 WW points 


1/2 Baked Chicken Breast (0 points), Lettuce/Tomato/Cucumber/Onion (0 points), 2 tbs Ken’s Lite Ranch (3 points)

Ah, my first sit down meal of the day…kinda. While the baby takes his first nap I stay one step ahead of his insatiable appetite (hmm…where did he get that from?) and prep his lunch. By the time I’m through he is up and ready to eat. While he’s eating I assemble my lunch. Then I try and stuff my face before he runs out of food. Most of the time I end up placating him with cheerios so I can finish my lunch. I usually have 5-6 minutes to eat my salad. I’ll take whatever he’ll give me.

I prebake my chicken breast on Sunday or Monday for the week. I slice it thin and put enough in the fridge for a few days. I freeze the rest and thaw as needed. I compose a salad with whatever fresh veggies we have on hand that week. And, I finish that off with a serving of one of the 30 different light dressings we keep on hand (we are condiment people).


Chicken Tacos with Avocado, Cotija and Black Beans – 6 WW Points per taco (I usually have 2) 


2 oz. Chicken Breast (0 points), Fajita Sized Flour Tortilla (3 points), 1/8 Avocado (1 point), 1/2 oz. Cotija Cheese (2 points), Black Beans with onions (0 points)

This is the one meal that we all get to enjoy together. Really enjoy. My husband is home so we are two against one now. No one is scrambling. The baby has had a snack so he isn’t losing his mind to eat. I love dinner. I save most of my points for dinner. I want to savor this 30-45 minutes of my day.

A favorite of ours is tacos. They are delicious, quick and easily altered to fit any diet or palate.  We change our meat up all the time; shrimp, ground beef, ground turkey, fish, and sometimes even sweat potatoes. This time I used shredded chicken because I had some left from lunch. With chicken, I heat it in a pan and season it with with a little Tajin (thanks Teena) and other  seasoning. A couple flour tortillas, some avocado, tomato, lettuce, onion, salsa and cotija. We serve them with black beans on the side. Yum.


Fresh Fruit, Marshmallows, Fishy Crackers, Cheerios, Whatever. Or, a Mini Ice Cream Cone – 7 WW points


Fresh Fruit (0 points), Large Marshmallows (1 point each), Fishy Crackers (4 points for 55), Cheerios (3 points per cup), Blue Bunny Vanilla Mini Cone (6 points)

This is where the abuse happens. Me snacking is not pretty. It’s not anything I’d want anyone to see. Usually, my mouth is full of some crammable snack food to the point where it won’t close. If I breath wrong or try and talk food dust sprays everywhere.

Everyday I start out great and have my fresh fruit as a snack, usually mango, pineapple or nectarine. But then I start absentmindedly popping fishy crackers as I toss them at my son. Or a couple handfuls of Cheerios. Or stuff a few marshmallows left from vacation every time I see them in the pantry.

Every once in a while I will do really well with snacking and stick to fresh fruit only. These are my favorite days. These days I get to finish off with a mini vanilla ice cream cone. My favorite are Blue Bunny. But, sadly that doesn’t happen often enough.

35 Weekly Flex Points

My husband and I love to eat out together, usually for lunch. We also love to eat with his parents, either out or at one of our houses. Desert is always involved. And, there is always some excuse to celebrate; anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, summer parties, vacation. My husband’s family is huge (I have a family too but they’re 3000 miles away) and so there are numerous events like this every year. It’s impossible to avoid. Plus, I work 2 days a week in the Accounting Dept. of a local country club. More often than not there is a daily member event which our kitchen caters. There are always leftovers and the kitchen calls us down for lunch. Despite eating my healthy lunch beforehand, I will never turn down a taste here and there.

So, very rarely do I finish a week with my Flex Points intact. I spend them all on eating out, celebrating or stuffing my face at work. And I’m fine with that. There is no life without food. And, I am big on self preservation so I eat and I love it.

There you have it. That’s what my day looks like. I mean, obviously I don’t eat the same thing every day but I do have certain favorites and these are some of them.

Please feel free to share your typical food week, even if it’s not on WW. As much as I like Weight Watchers, I am not opposed to hearing about another tried and true method, or even the newest fad diet. Sometimes I need a change to refocus myself.

If you want to follow my progress as I try desperately to shed these extra pounds, you can do that here.

Thanks for reading. Don’t forget to comment, like, share, whatever. 

*No, I’m not being paid by anyone to love Weight Watchers. I currently have like three followers: my husband, my cousin and my best friend. Hey guys!



2 thoughts on “What My Typical Day On Weight Watchers Looks Like

  1. Stephanie says:

    We do tacos a lot, too. And I eat a pound of strawberries everyday. Literally. I eat strawberries every day for breakfast.

    There is this salad dressing brand called “Walden Farms”. See if you can find them (Do you have Trader Joe’s?). They are a tad pricey, but are zero points. The creamy bacon one is my fave.

    I am almost at 50 lbs. I should be getting my charm soon, but I have been bouncing back and forth with my weight the last couple of weeks. My weeklies (and I have 42…haha *smirks*) were cashed out right away last week and I find it hard to stay within my 23 points everyday, but I’m determined to keep doing this.

    I am so proud of you and how you manage to stay on this program with a baby. It’s hard to find time for yourself when they are that young. You are amazing and keep up the good work!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sarah says:

    I am seriously so inspired by you and your 50 lb. loss.

    And, yeah we have Trader Joe’s. Maybe the baby and I will make a pit stop there tomorrow. I am always looking for ways to cut points. I want enough points at the end of the day for that ice cream! 🙂


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