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Welcome to My Miscellaneous Life: How To Guides and Personal Blog

I am a self learner; I always have been. In fact, my mom says some of my very first words were “My do-ee myself!” I still live by that motto (yes, sometimes I still say it like that). If there is something that needs to be done I figure out how to do it myself. Sometimes I seek out advice, but mostly it involves casting instructions aside and getting into it with my hands; I learn best by jumping in.

A few of the many things I’ve learned, or still learning, to do-y myself include Photography, Gardening, Wife and Moming, Cooking and Baking, Home DIY, and just trying to make Everyday Life easier. And that list is always growing. I’d love to pass on what I know.  If you learn best by reading, stop by my How To (and How Not To) guides to get a step by step look at my various projects and life hacks.  And, if you’re like me and you learn by doing then please feel free to jump in with me.

I’m also teaching myself how to blog which is both new and scary. I’m not a writer; I have no education in writing beyond a few college English courses. I have no great tales to tell. But, in my blog, I’m talking about personal topics like weight loss struggles, being a wife and mom, postpartum health issues, career changes, and life in general; things that many of us relate to everyday. So please, check out my Blog and comment. I want to hear your stories and advice as well!

So, come with me on this journey of constant self learning. I’d love the company!

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