About Me

So, you’ve stopped by the About Me section which might mean you’ve got questions. I’ll see if I can answer them.


My name is Sarah. I am originally from California but I now call Pennsylvania my forever home. In my entire life, I’ve only had two things on my bucket list; get married and have a baby. In 2016 and 2017, I scratched those two things off that bucket list. I am currently working on adding more things. Skydiving is not one of those things.

I love to dance. I love animals; the furrier the better. I love coffee.  Not the specialty drink kind. But, just a good cup of regular old coffee with cream.

I am a total hypochondriac. My husband banned me from all online medical resources. I’ve gone to the emergency room more than once for appendicitis; I’ve never had appendicitis.

I have an incredibly sarcastic, often dark and slightly antagonistic sense of humor which I use freely and without much reservation. But, I’m actually very empathetic. I believe in trying on other people’s shoes.

I hate slow drivers. When in their company, you’ll often find me singing my own rendition of a certain 2001 classic by Ludacris. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’re too young. Or, I’m too old. Take your pick.

I used to be a complacent person. I didn’t deviate and I got comfortable easily. But, I am currently in a transitional period in my life. I want to do something more than what I’ve been doing. And, I’m still trying to figure out what that means. I’ve tried some things that haven’t worked well for me. It’s scary to be uncertain but I’m determined to find my path.

The Site

I am a self learner. I always have been. In fact, my mom says some of my very first words were “My do-ee myself!” I still live by that motto (yes, sometimes I still say it like that). If there is something that needs to be done I figure out how to do it myself.

Being a self learner means that I spend massive amounts of time researching and teaching myself anything and everything that I have an interest in. Not just my hobbies, like photography. But also anything that makes living life easier, better and cheaper.

I want to pass on what I know to help you live life easier, better and cheaper. So, in my How To section, you can find guides on anything from DIY projects in your home to how to fly with an infant and everything in between.

I save my Blog for the personal stuff like weight loss, career changes, reflections on motherhood, etc.

Because I love to learn, please feel free to let me know if you have tips and tricks that work for you. I’d love to hear them!


Note: As a photography hobbyist, I try and use all my own images on this site. If there is a page or post that contains pictures that I did not take, I’ll include a disclaimer at the bottom of the page or post.¬†Each image is clickable so that you can see the technical details (equipment and settings). Any photo taken with a Nikon D5500 is mine.

*None of the images on this page were taken by me.