How To

I am a self learner. I always have been. In fact, my mom says that one of my very first sentences was “my do-ee myself!” And, I still live by that motto (yes, I still say it that way, occasionally). I don’t give up until I get it right.

Sometimes I dive into a project without prior knowledge and learn as I go. Other times the knowledge that I’ve acquired over the years is sufficient. But, my go to method is to spend hours researching. Hours because, more often than not, the information I come across is slightly lacking. It rarely ever answers all my questions. Don’t you hate that?

While doing everything myself might not be the most time effective method, it’s come in very handy because it’s saved me a lot of money over the years. And, I get to make sure it’s done the way I want.

I’ve saved tons of money and/or made my life so much easier by teaching myself about DIY home projects, gardening, and photography. And, even the everyday life stuff like how to fly with a baby or grocery shop effectively.

Because I’ve spent all this time researching already, there’s no reason for you to have to. I’d love to pass on what I’ve learned and, hopefully, save you time, money and a headache.

Psst…and, for those projects that didn’t turn out quite right (*cough*herb garden*cough*) they’re included here as well so that you can avoid my mistakes.

How Not To Garden: Container Herbs I

Disclaimer: I was officially banned from touching plants. Yes, banned. By the garden manager at a hardware store I worked at. She had given me a plant to keep on my desk and I killed it in a month. “Too much love”, she said. She gave me another. Dead a month later. On and on until she gave up on me and said, “Sarah, I want you to promise me you’ll never touch another plant again.” Well, I’ve mostly kept that promise but I feel like I’ve changed and maybe I could be a responsible plant owner again.